VanillaCard and Visa are expanding ways to buy Visa gift card with crypto

buy visa gift card with crypto

Customers of VanillaCard will be able to launch branded cards anywhere in the world, enhancing user experience and broadening current product offers.

An industry pioneer in cutting-edge financial technology for international payouts, VanillaCard, has partnered with Visa to offer client-branded real and virtual visa gift cards, protected bank accounts, and mobile wallet capabilities through a single point of connection.

VanillaCard is on a mission to contribute significantly to financial inclusion and to provide independent contractors, gig workers, and employees of startups and large enterprises with compliant, efficient, and hassle-free banking services.

As a result of their strategic partnership with Visa, Vanillacard’s products will:

Be reachable in over 150 countries and accept local currency cards in over 30 countries

Give customers the option to buy visa gift card with crypto.

Include instant payment options as part of their brand experience.

Allow users of the most widely used mobile wallets to use prepaid debit cards from Visa and virtual Visa gift cards with cryptocurrency.

According to Sarah Cohen, the company’s CEO, VanillaCard has been providing prepaid cards with secured bank accounts to consumers all around the world for more than 15 years. “We will be able to expand our product offerings by utilizing all of Visa’s incredible resources, including the creation of a Payment Orchestration for Payouts platform that will set us apart from the competition. We are pleased to be working with Visa, a seasoned industry pioneer on a global scale.”

The needs of people’s companies and daily lives must be taken into account when developing easy-to-access, always-on payment solutions, according to Adam Honarmand, Executive Vice President, Digital Partnerships at Visa. We look forward to working together with VanillaCard to increase access for everyone and make sure that we not only meet but also exceed their financial needs as our economy becomes more digital.

Through their protected bank accounts that Vanillacard provides, customers have quick access to payments through the Vanillacard platform. The money can be used right away using a virtual card, a physical prepaid debit card, or by loading the card into a mobile wallet as soon as a payment is made because it is immediately available in the secured account.

The new Payment Orchestration for Payouts solution from VanillaCard supports a wide range of industries, including e-Wallet programs, clinical trials, direct selling, and consumer markets.

Regarding Vanillacard;

One of the world’s leading providers of financial technology, Vanillacard gives its customers access to a robust payments and treasury platform. Since 2009, we have been redefining payouts to make it possible for companies of any size to send money quickly throughout the world in their own currency using secured bank accounts with prepaid debit cards, virtual Visa gift cards, and mobile wallets. Because of our cloud-based software stack’s regulatory compliance, clients can white-label our solutions to allow for quick and flexible spending under their own brand. Our goal is to provide customers more purchasing and payment power with every login, payout, purchase, and swipe because doing so directly encourages business growth. Visit to buy a virtual Visa gift card with crypto.

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